Custom products

We are also a vendor of custom tailored embedded solutions based on our software and hardware component portfolio.

We have over fifteen years of experience on embedded Linux, especially in signal processing and audio areas.

We also offer consultation and custom implementations on our main expertise areas of low frequency signal processing, storage, analysis and related GIS integration.

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HQPlayer Embedded

Embedded version of HQPlayer is designed for building Linux-based music playback devices. It can utilize both digital and analog inputs from various devices and output audio processed through the advanced DSP pipeline. Thus it can operate for example as a digital-in-digital-out upsampler processor and convolution engine. It also provides standard MPRIS player control API that can be used to integrate various different types of control interfaces. Such as using Rygel for UPnP AV Renderer. There is also support for the HQPlayer Control API that can be used for implementing a custom GUI or other type of front-end utilizing the HQPlayer playback engine. There is also a mobile device compatible web-based control and configuration UI. Optional support in custom builds for FFMPEG libraries for extending media decoding capabilities.

Download and installation instructions

HQPlayer Control

Source code for the HQPlayer Control command line utility is available here (re 3.20.2).